Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween weekend... its here

Well Halloween weekend is upon us.
Which means all over the place there are "crazy & spooky "things happening in the next couple of days.
Supposedly... I wouldn't know for sure. I don't get invited to those kinda things.
However, I do know about at least one.
The annual Homie Fall Fest in MPLS
Where I would be if I didn't suck
If you have the means and time to be there I suggest being there.
If you ride bikes, drink beer, and enjoy fun you won't be disappointed.
Believe me.
I won't be there again this year. I had planned to go but the whole new bike thing kinda got in the way of it.
Ah well. I'm sure I can make my own kind of fun here...granted it might be locking all the doors, turning off the lights and hiding under a blanket.
But hey... I'll have fun. And thats all that matters.

Have a good weekend. I'm gonna go ride my bike.

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