Monday, January 04, 2010

New music Mondays?

Sure why not?
I have recently been introduced to a couple new bands and since they were shared with me I'll share them with you.
Granted since I'm tend to be a bit little slow, chances are you've heard of them and/or already are an avid/rabid fan.
But sharing is fun... at least thats what they told us in grade school.

First up from brother Stevil over at AHTBM is a group called The Bronx

He's a little taste

The Bronx lite:

Mariachi El Bronx - Holy from Our Videos on Vimeo.

The Bronx heavy:

The Bronx - Inveigh from Our Videos on Vimeo.

I haven't hear much more of The Bronx than those two songs but I like what I hear and plan to find more and give it a good listen.

Up next is a band that I know has been around for a bit although I've just started listening to them (what did I say about being kinda slow?)
Introduced to me recently by a lovely lady I re-met at a Festivus party
Monsters of Folk

Monsters of Folk I've been listening to on repeat since I was loaned the CD.

Good stuff on both counts
Check 'em out


Laura said...

sweet video, i dig it :)

One Eyed z said...

I now have a The Bronx CD and its on repeat as well.
Good stuff!