Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another new bike Zeke? Yes. Yes indeed.

I've been riding a Surly Pacer for the last 5-ish years but it was a touch small. I finally sold it & have been running slicks on my CX bike for road riding.
It didn't take long before I decided that I missed having a traditional road bike so I got another Surly Pacer.
I figured I could save up some more coin and get something nicer but why? I know I like the Pacer & its a very affordable ride.
It arrived today so I went into the shop on my day of to get it built up.
Salsa Casseroll fork w/Shimano R540 long reach road caliper brake
Chris King head set
Shimano Dura Ace and Ultregra 10 speed mix for the drive train
Turned out really sharp looking. Better than I expected actually.
Done with the new bike build
I had had my mind set on getting the British Racing Green version but they were sold out.
Until today when I saw the Silver Bullet paint job for the first time I wasn't sure I was gonna like it. But I really do.
I'll post some more photos as I take them over on my Flickr page
Now if only this rain would move out of the area so I could get a good test ride in.

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