Thursday, September 23, 2010

KC Cup CX wrap up

KC Cup September 19-20th
The KC Cup has come and gone
For a little taste of the CX action on Saturday check out this video of race footage:

KC Cup Cyclocross, 2010 from Keith Walberg on Vimeo.

If you were watching close you caught the Evil & AHTBM duo of Mr. Joshua & myself.
But if you missed it... we are at 1:06, 1:22 & 1:51
Yeah I watched a few times. So?
There is another video of the race course that is all helmet cam here
Its pretty long so I suggest turning the sound down (mostly wind noise) and turning up some music while you view it.
I chose to play some selections from The Bronx
Seemed to fit nicely

Mr. Joshua & I foolishly decided to double dip on the day doing two races each.
Masters 30+ on our geared CX rigs (what the video footage caught)& then, after an all but too short break, we raced again in the single speed class on ... well our single speeds.

A pirated shot from the Masters 30+ start:
KC Cup Masters 30+ start

Much to our surprise (and everyone else) the Evil/AHTBM duo landed on the podium in 3rd and 5th
Not really a surprise, however, were our results from the SS race.
11th & 12th also known as last & next to last.
We were tired.
The awards were right after the finish of the SS race, if you can't tell by how how cooked we look.
Man I take a bad podium photo...

Over all not a bad start to the CX season
Next weekend all new for 2010 is Manions CX
I'll be working Bike MS (the former MS150) all weekend so I hope I'll be done in time to hit up at least one race that day.
But we'll see. Last year all I ended up doing was heckleing.

Have a good week & we'll see you at the races

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