Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tour de BBQ this weekend

Tour de BBQ

LIVESTRONG Day! Get out and join the ride, the cause the community, 10/2/10.

Whether you are a racer, a rider or you like to volunteer, we can use you. There is a 15, a 30 and a 60 mile option. Don’t have a bike? Borrow one. Need a good excuse to buy a new bike? Can’t think of a better one! Concerned that you don’t “race”? No worries, this is a ride from BBQ stop to BBQ stop. You know how to ride, right? You know how to eat, right? Then you can participate! Don’t ride? Volunteer and eat BBQ.


Saturday, October 2, 2010
Day of Registration: 6:00 AM (*If you register the day of you are not guaranteed a t-shirt)
Ride Start Time: 7:30 AM (Staggered start, everyone must arrive no later than 7:30 am)
Concert by Smash Mouth: 3:00 PM
Register today!


Kansas City’s Power & Light District
1100 Walnut Street
Kansas City, MO 64106

*Riders will line up on Grand Street to start the ride.

LIVESTRONG Pavilion: Walnut Street will house the LIVESTRONG Pavilion with barbecue, Boulevard beer and a concert (in the KC Power & Light Living Room) sponsored by GEN X Radio 99.7 FM. Stay tuned for more details on barbecue restaurants featured and a special concert announcement later this summer.

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