Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bike Commuting. Do you do it?


As we move into the cooler temps of fall are those of you that commute still commuting?
And if so how far into the winter months do you commute?

This year has been a banner year for me as far as commuting goes (everything else has kinda sucked).
When I was working for BikeSource out at 135th I was commuting 30 miles a day pretty much 5 days a week
I parked my car elsewhere (Father's shop in Grandview) at the end of April forcing me to ride full time (amazing the motivation to ride this creates).
The only driving I did was for going to/from the events that I worked for BikeSource in the company van.
I didn't drive my car until I headed north to start the RAGBRAI in the last weeks of July.
Once I got back from the RAGBRAI I got right back in to daily commuting for a couple a months.
Then I started to slip a little.
Since my van was in my driveway I found myself making excuses to drive on occasion.
The brief period that I was doing some work at the new BikeSource location (opening January 2011) my commute dropped from 30 miles a day to 10.
Seemed strange for it to take 3 commutes to hit the mileage that I was previously getting in one day.
The upside to the shorter commute was I figured I could do it year round no matter what the weather decided to do.
Now that I'm unemployed I don't really have a "commute" to do.
Should be nice to get back to getting my mileage from "pleasure" riding

Back to the point...
Are you still commuting?
How far is it round trip?
How far into the fall/winter will you commute?
Do you have s specific bike that you commute on?
Is the weather what determines if you commute or not?

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