Thursday, November 18, 2010

KC Sprints, Mustaches & Beer

Jones and I were talking the other night (drinking beers) when he mentioned that with our KC Sprints 1st event of the season coming up perhaps we should repost that sweet promotional video that Lucas Marshall made for us after our Lincoln event last January.

So here ya go.

Since I'm on the topic of KC Sprints, Jones is also strongly considering getting some KCS hoodies made.
Not sure what the cost to you would be for them yet. As of now they don't even exist except for on paper but Jones (and maybe me) should have them on soon while we are out and about.

So if you think you might be interested in getting one shoot us an email at

November is also know as Movember. Around the world men are growing mustaches to raise awareness for men's cancers.
And since women don't want to be left out today November 18th, er... Movember 18th, is "Have Sex with a Man with a Mustache Day"
Needless to say with a mustache like mine I've been patiently waiting by the phone and computer for an phone call/text message/email from some gal who wants to do her part to show her support in the fight against cancers that affect men.
I think I'm gonna have a long wait.

And while I wait I might as well have a beer.
Yesterday was Boulevard Brewing Company's 21st Birthday!
Happy Birthday to my favorite beer!
BLVD - 2
I'll have a Pilsner please!

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