Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tougher than me. Much tougher.

I stumbled across this clip of the movie Bicycle Dreams via FaceBook today.
I've know about the RAAM, Race Across America, for years. Seems like one hell of a challenge.
I would like to believe that I could do it but I know thats not true.
Ride across America give the proper time and equipment I know I could do.
But RACE across? 3000 miles in 10 days? No thanks.
Not the kind of challenge my mind and body are able to take on.
Not only am I not tough enough physically but mentally I sure I would crack well before the mountains.
I would like to see the entire Bicycle Dreams film though.
It has won several awards at film festivals and looking at the trailer it appears to be well made.
Its available on DVD via Amazon.com so maybe one of my very few readers will buy it for their favorite unemployed bloggger for Xmess.

Looking at the RAAM site I found a little video recap of the 2010 RAAM event.

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