Thursday, December 02, 2010

Its back!

I hadn't give up the hope it would find its way back to me and recently if finally did.

Its back.

The long version:
I got my purple Pake (PAA-KAY) back after mistakenly misplacing it.
"Mistakenly misplacing it" meaning I was a little drunky riding home from a party early one Saturday morning and crashed it. I got up and for some reason wandered away with out the bike.
I realized this when I "woke up" walking home. At first I thought that I had decided to leave my bike at the party until I realized that my u-lock was in my pocket and my helmet was on my head.


I was pretty close to home and kind of bloody from the crash so I decided that the best choice was to go home, clean up and then go search.
I got home, cleaned up and passed out.
A few hours later a friend came by and we set out on the search.
Obviously we come up empty handed.
A couple days later I took a look at Craig's List just to see if by chance anything was listed.
I found an post in the Lost and Found section:

"Found - Brookside trail
Found bicycle along the Brookside Trail - 57th and Wornell - Describe to claim"

I sent an email with the description of the Pake right away
I waited a couple of days and didn't hear anything back
So I tried again. No answer. Again. Nothing. Again. Nothing.
This went on for almost 4 weeks. I was getting frustrated. I put up my own Craig's List post.
Then out of the blue last Saturday I got a text message from my old boss at BikeSource. He gave me a name and a number with and suggested I call it because he thought they had my bike.
Sure enough.
Turns out that the gentlemen that found my bike never got any of my emails.
He finally decided to try and track me down.
He typed Evil Pedalphile Kansas City in to Google and one of my blog entries comes up as the first result.
I couldn't believe it so I tried it myself.
It works.

Through my blog he found BikeSource.
BikeSource contacted me.
I contacted him.
I got my bike back.
Happy days are here again.


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