Friday, December 10, 2010

Who wants a drink? I do! I do!

CycleOps makes a blender?
Yes. Yes indeed they do.
Check this thing out.

Once again this season CycleOps is one of KC Sprints great sponsors.
Outside of getting us some items to use for swag and prizes (even a set of their rollers for a Grand Prize!) the local rep (Thanks Ron!) thought it would be a great idea to loan* us his new never used CycleOps Pro Series Trainer Blender.
*(Loan as in the thinks he is getting it back. Doubtful. When the snow flys I can see indoor "training" taking on a whole new dimension since I can also make tasty drinks)

For serious.

It arrived today and I set it up in my living room to check it out.
Basically it is their Pro Series Trainer modified to power a blender.
I haven't made any drinks in it yet (I'm sure I will tonight, Jones... bring ingredients over tonight!) but I don't see why it wouldn't work like a champ.
We will have this out at the KC Sprints events this year.
Hopefully any bar we are in will let use set it up and blend some of their tasty drinks for them.
Why the hell not, eh?

Lets have a drink!

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