Wednesday, December 08, 2010

3 Great Tastes That Go Great Together

What happens when you combine cycling, great music and amazing videography?
You get things like the videos below.
These have been making the rounds as of late but I like them so much that I just had to post them myself. Plus this way when I want to view them again (and again and again) I know exactly where to find them. Clever eh?
They are amazing to me for similar but different reasons.
Similar being the wonderful music and well shot scenery
Different being the completely separate disciplines of cycling they represent.

First up is Thirty Century Man which I pick up off of FaceBook thanks to Hurl. The version below is the Viemo version that I found via Prolly Is Not Probably. It is the same as the version just smaller.
For the full effect & the story behind it, I suggest viewing the original here

Next we have some Trials action from across the pond.
I have seen this posted other places but could never get it to load. I found a working version today while surfing Fyxomatosis.
Red Bull rider Danny MacAskill has some amazing skills. The music and once again the scenery are amazing as well.
Check it out below or here:

Hope all you working stiffs have a good Wednesday.
Think I'll go for a bike ride.

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