Monday, February 28, 2011

Well... So much for that idea.

MWI Gentlemen's Race 2011

I got some bad news from Crusty today:

"Guys thanks for getting a team together BUT unfortunately due to low number of teams the race is being cancelled.
Thanks for getting it."

In other words: No teams signing up means no MWI Gentlemen's Race

This is the 2ND attempt by Crusty to put on this event.
In 2010 about 12 other teams were all ready to go. Then a snow storm rolled into town dumping almost 6 inches of heavy wet snow the early AM hours of race day.
Watching the weather build up Crusty was forward thinking enough to go ahead and pull the plug the day before. It made sense. The course would have been treacherous in those conditions.
The local half of my team went out and rode most the day anyway.
It was good fun but really wet.

Jump to 2011 and the problem was lack of interest from other teams.
Sure, the race would have been long and hard, the course was predicted to be between 75 to 90 miles of rolling hills with up to 50% of it gravel.
Hell my team doesn't have a "real" racer on it and we were all willing to do it.
Plus it was no entry fee. As in FREE
I'd bet money if Rapah showed up to hold their Gents Race here those same teams would be falling all over each other to sign up AND pay a big entry fee (*disclaimer* I have no idea if Rapah charges an entry fee. I know their event is "invite only" but I would suspect that if they do charge, much like for their clothing, its a lot).

Needless to say I'm a little disappointed in the those other teams.
Obviously the other real race teams in KC felt they had better things to do.
Although I would prefer to think the other invited teams were just too afraid of the powerhouse team that I was bringing to toe the start line.

So it goes.
Guess if I want to race, I'll have to find another race to set my sights on for the Spring.
Until then I guess I'll just keep doing what I've been doing.
Riding my bike and having fun.

Foggy? Nah. OK maybe a bit.

A shot from Sunday afternoon's foggy ride

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CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

Was it that...
Some people need manicured roads?
Their results won't appear on the USFC web site?
People need prizes?

I was going to say we will look back some months from now and wish we had this race, but my experience is/was dependent on their participation so I'll never know what I missed.

Like I've said before. There are Athletes, and there are Cyclists. I know what camp I'm in ... do you?