Monday, March 07, 2011

Funemployment has come to an end

Midwest Cyclery

Midwest Cyclery Visit March 2011 004

I popped into Midwest Cyclery this past week for a visit and sit down with owner/operator Bob Albright. I was looking for a job and I'd heard that Midwest was looking of a good employee. Bob seemed to like what I had to say although I'm sure it helped that I had several people rallying for me to work there.
And I'm pleased to announce that now I do.
After my 4 month hiatus from employment I'm excited to get back to work in a bike shop. More so for one that wants to benefit from my years of experience and my eagerness to work.
Midwest Cyclery Visit March 2011 012

Midwest Cyclery Visit March 2011 005Midwest Cyclery opened its doors in 1973.
At one point in time they had 7 locations in the greater Kansas City area. Midwest moved to its current location a year ago after many years in Westport.
Bob decided to abandon the Westport location after the building had fallen into disrepair and the landlord seemed unwilling to fix.

Midwest Cyclery Visit March 2011 018

Funny enough the 3850 Main location is the same spot (at least the same corner) where Midwest was back in the 80's.
Its a sweet corner space with two levels. Most of the showroom is on the ground floor with the repair area down stairs.

Midwest is old school style bike shop with lots of history and I am eager to get in and get to work. Its a great location, with more potential than I think even Bob realizes.
Bob is excited to have me there, I'm excited to be there & we are looking forward to a great spring.
Come see us at 39th and Main!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job man! I think I might stop in soon. I thought I saw a Roy Lichtenstein water bottle in one of those display cases; I'm totally getting it. Later.

jimmy said...

kick ass, man! conrates on the job, looks like an awesome shop