Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to Spring

Ahhh.... yes. Its finally Spring.
Although I guess that image is more Spring Break than just Spring.

Parade fun!
Riding Jones' pedal car in Kansas City's St. Patrick's Parade
Someone asked why I wasn't in the the photo. I'm taking the photo.

A post rush quiet moment at MC
A post lunch rush quiet moment at MC.
Its been a great first two weeks. I'm really enjoying myself. 
I really want to get the floors cleaned & waxed.

AM commute week 3 & 1st one of Spring
The first AM commute of Spring.
Drink by Broadway Cafe 
I also picked up some new wheels for the Purple Hipster. 
Photos and review report to come later.

KC Sprints flyer @ Broadway Coffee
KCS Propaganda at Broadway Cafe
Mmmm.... coffee

KC Sprints Buzzard Beach March 25th 2011
Round 2 March 25th at the Buzzard Beach
See you there!

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