Saturday, February 04, 2012

Damn You Mother Nature!

KC Sprints Occupy Duffy's POSTPONED

Welllll... shit.

Unfortunately Mother Nature appears to have other plans for Lincoln this weekend besides KC Sprints - Occupy Duffy's.
Via our contacts the snow is deep, falling hard & fast, raising the question of us even being able to get into town
So compared to driving a few hours only to realize we can't make it and/or get stranded somewhere the decidison has been made to postpone the event to a yet to be determined date. Assuming that Duffy's will still have us (although we are sure they will).

We love coming to Lincoln & want to put the race on. It will just have to be a different day.
Sorry folks.
Have fun playing in the snow Lincoln.

We are gonna drown our sorrows with some afternoon drinking and maybe go heckle the KC Street Cred event.

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