Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day... Bah humbug

Welp, its that time of year again.
Everyone has been getting all sappy about romance and the like.
Commercials flood the T.V. & radio about places to go, things to buy (spending money is romantic, ya?).
Romantic movie marathons
People giving out flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocolate.
Or in KC bottles of Boulevard Chocolate Ale.
(which although I'm a big fan of Boulevard Beer I don't see what all the hub bub is about. It sold out again this year and once again everyone is in a tizzy about how they can't find it etc etc... I've had a glass. One was enough. Not worth all the fuss in my opinion. But I digress...)
Maybe I just have the wrong out look.
Maybe for a change of pace this year I'll....
Oh wait. Its too late.
Ah well, as long as this doesn't happen again...

(in hindsight I'm a little concerned with how pleased Jones looks)
Sorry Jones.  I love ya buddy but you just aren't my type.
But we can still be friends right?
Wouldn't wanna break up the band or anything, ya know?

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