Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catching up... lots of linkage

Time to catch up.
For starters meet my "new" wheels:


A long time customer of the shop told me when I first started that occasionally he thins down his collection and it was likely he would give me a bike.
I didn't put much thought into it since if you compare our heights it would be doubtful that any thing he had been riding would fit me.
Then he showed up with this (I probably should have left the Ruby fork on it, all Andre Tchmil like)
Its a little small. But not too small.
Considering the only thing I had to purchase was a outboard Italian BB and some bar tape a little small or not I plan on riding the crap out of it.
(Yes that is Dura Ace & Ultregra mix 10 speed with a Time carbon fork & a Cinelli bar & stem)

In other Midwest Cyclery news we are sponsoring the newest cycling club/team in Kansas city, Sho-Air KC
You can check them out on the FaceBook too (if you are into that kind of thing).
Their bike sponsor is Sudu & I started putting together team member Matt's new Sudu TT bike Monday

Moving along... keep up...

As you may remember from previous posts our KC Sprints Occupy Duffy's event in Lincoln, NE earlier this month was postponed due to snow. Make up date has been set for THIS WEEKEND.
Hopefully our supporters in Lincoln haven't forgotten.

In other KC Sprints news, our orginal intern Rudy went and got himself in the KC Star and it wasn't on the police blotter.
Be sure and check out Rudy's Cowtown Couriers for all your delivery needs.
Mean while our other intern Matt... well...

We've also set up our next local KC Sprints event.
March 30th at the Buzzard Beach. The post Critical Mass Bash
As you can tell by the proposed flyer (below) we are putting a lot of effort into this one

KC Sprints March 30th Buzzard Beach
(another fine example of Jones asking someone to make a flyer and then doing it himself)

Its Tuesday. Get out in it.

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