Friday, December 12, 2014

If ya got time to lean....

"If ya got time to lean you've got time to clean!"
At least that is how the saying goes.
Winter in a bike shop in the Midwest is all about leaning and cleaning.
And inventory.
And online product training.
And reading about riding.
And wishing you could spend the short daylight hours on your bike (cold or not) instead of splitting time between watching the clock and looking out the window.
Ho hum.

And there is the winter weight gain.
Sure we fight it the best we can. We log hours in the gym.
On the trainer.
Or spend our days off out on the bike.
Somewhat its avoidable. Its cold. We don't wanna move much and wanna be warm. So we gain weight.
Hell some of us would probably like to hibernate the winter months away.

So far this winter my weight gain vice has been a classic. Little chocolate donuts.

"... little chocolate donuts have been on my training table since I was a kid." #coffeeanddonuts #winterweight #fatass #cantstopwontstop

Oh I try to resist. I really do.
But they are cheap. Tasty. "And they have the sugar to get me going in the morning."

Oh boy.
Time to go hide in a corner for the last hour or so of the work day with my coffee and donuts.
Maybe I'll do some calisthenics and think about the cold dark ride home or plan some gravel riding for Sunday.
Yeah. Sunday.

Sunday Funday

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