Monday, December 08, 2014

"I'm buying a helmet."

When I woke up Sunday morning I noticed I had a text.
"I'm buying a helmet."
I figured Jim had taken a tumble and rang his bell on the way home from the bar or something.
Not quite.
He was just on his way home from work Saturday afternoon when an inattentive driver pulled out right in front of him and over the hood Jim went.
*If you are squeamish, sorry, the photo is a little brutal.

Jim shows us why you should wear a helmet. Ouch.

If you are wondering, I think you should be, that metal looking thing in the gash... is an ear bud

Jim's words:
"So I was heading north on Baltimore on the way home from work. A lady in a brand new looking mustang was distracted by another car at the stop sign in front of her turning onto the one way I was traveling on. She had a stop sign as well. (I have bright expensive intense lights on my bike front and back running). She then pulled out in front of me so suddenly that I had no time to stop. I hit the front corner panel of her car, somehow hit her windshield caving it in, and continued over the car slamming my head into the curb. In the process i gained some road rash, a headphone lodged in my head (haha), various cuts, a terribly bruised left leg, and a possible broken bone in my left wrist. 
I'm all stitched up and home. The pain meds are keeping the pain at bay for now. My left eye is wanting to swell shut, which is annoying. I'm not happy it happened but I'm grateful to be home from the hospital quickly. It definitely can always be worse. 
Thank you for all the love/well wishes and offers of support. I want you to know its all very much appreciated!"

Looks like Jim will be taking a little time off of work. I think he could use it. 

Remember kids: The streets out there are tough. Why not wear a helmet? 

In other news...

Got out Sunday for some gravel riding, beer drinking action with some fellas.

6 of us got in 30ish miles of cold windy fun on the gravel.
It was fun to hang out with the co-workers I don't seem often.  
We rode from the West Des Moines Bike World location south to Bonneville and the Waveland West bar. After a few drinks and a warm up we pushed east to Cumming and the Cumming Tap.
A few more drinks and a couple pizzas later we all pocketed a roadie and saddled up for the ride back to town. In Water Works Park we stopped on the old bridge, drank our roadies, and then 1/2 our group split for home while the rest of us headed to GT's for one more beer.
Good times Sunday fellas. Thanks for playing.

*Roughly our route... kinda

Sundays route... kinda

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Joe said...

Jim has a free helmet here at the shop when is back on the road...