Sunday, December 02, 2007

Forgotten shoes, beer and confusion

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to race today
Yeah well the race is over as I type this and I wasn't there
Today was race #2 of the Boss Cross series
I missed race #1 of my favorite cross series this year too
I had a better excuse then, I was in MPLS
Today I just screwed up
Woke up later than I should have
Woke up in a more negative mood than I should have
Didn't gather the required gear the night before like I should have
Got out the door
Got a coffee
Got 1/2 to Parkville, MO
Then realized suddenly that I didn't have any shoes
Hustled home, grabbed the shoes and a better base layer
*it was colder and windier than I expected*
Got back on the highway and realized that by the time I got there I MIGHT have enough time to register, gear up, and get on the start line
I then remembered that technically registration was supposed to close 30 minutes prior to each race
Considered going anyway, picking up some beer and some ones
Go in Super fan mode
Cheering, heckling, giving out dollar preims, and drinking

But just wasn't feeling it

So I am home and have decided to try on one of my BLVD Smokestack beers that the Beer Fairy brought me this week.
Take this time to have an afternoon drunk


cvo said...

I know how those days go my man.

it's one thirty, and i'm on my 4th beer...

mmmm, football andbeer..

Meetzorp said...

Dude, it was colder than a witch's tits in a brass brassiere today. I was out there cheering on my man and all the good peeps, and I had my old mountain bike with me, which I rode in circles incessantly to keep warm. Also to practice my not-so-mad wheelie skillz and my fair-to-middling picking-stuff-off-the-ground skillz.

Too bad you had a day of brainfarts, but you did stay warm.

So what's the verdict on the beers? You should write up reviews; as a knowledgeable consumer, they could be useful to others who might be interested in the product.

P.I.A. One Speed Freak said...

Come on...give up the verdict on the beer.

Made my race, last one on the old BS and maybe the muddiest that I've ever raced. Think I pulled out a 4th. Not too bad for being in shitty shape right now I suppose.