Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ahh... July. Sunburns. Fireworks. the RAGBRAI!!

Its July which means its time to head north for the RAGBRAI

I don't know Ron but I sure do thank for him the use of his 2010 route map. Strangely it was the only one I could find

I head out Friday, the 23rd, from Omaha with the Dutch .
The official RAGBRAI starts Sunday, the 25th, out of Souix City.

The Go, Dutch, Go! Plan:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday we'll work our way North East to the official route via Earling & Breda to Pocahantas.
We pick up the offical route there on what for RAGBRAI is Day 2 to Algona.
It will be our 4th day of riding.
Ah yes.... good times are a come'n

I'm really ready for a vacation. The RAGBRAI fits the bill nicely.
Its a great time that I think everyone should do once.
I think this is my 10th pilgrimage
I've made some great friends on the RAGBRAI & I can't wait to see them

4 days...

Once again this year I'll be attempting to make posts from the road to my Twitter
Granted this is dependant on getting phone reception. Which in years past on the RAGBRAI has been spotty. We'll see what happens
I'll be back to file a full report next month

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